Andy Hulstkamp

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Adobe Flex

  • 29. March 2012

    The Flex Spark Component Lifecycle might be hard to grasp at first. I created an App that interactively visualizes the Flex Spark Lifecycle.

  • 12. April 2011

    About using Spring MVC on Google App Engine and the challenges with the datastore.

  • 08. October 2010

    SkinnableComponents can get a little heavy. This post looks at the lightweight GraphicElements that can be used to create simple Components.

  • 29. September 2010

    A much more lightweight approach to create a simple custom Component in Flex Spark. Does not extend from the heavier SkinnableComponent but from SpriteVisualElement.

  • 19. September 2008

    A first look at Skinning and custom Components in Gumbo (Flex 4). Turns a VSlider into a Mixer-Slider.

  • 16. September 2008

    Plays music based on a simple sequencer using generated sounds. Uses Gumbo (Flex 4 beta) for the player skin.